Training Activity


CRMA  Cadets


oDiscipline o Wisdom o Sacrifice  o Perseverance o


o Dedication o Patience o Loyalty o Prestige o

  CRMA Cadets must abide by the Academy's rigid Code of Conducts and the revered Honor System. Each  
  cadet is required to live under the strict "New Cadet System" throughout his freshman year  
          Throughout the four academic years at CRMA, cadets will undergo sufficient exercising, studying, disciplining and training  
  to meet the requirement of  181 - 184 credits in the semester system. After wholehearted training and studying that require both  
  physical and mental endurance under highly stressful situation, all cadets are proudly and elegantly prepared to be confident  

and trustworthy officers of the Royal Thai Army after their graduation.

  With the bachelor's degree in their fields of study, all CRMA graduates will be appointed Second Lieutenant with the services in  
  the Army's branches and will receive the ceremonial swords from the very hand of His Majesty the King.  



How to be Army cadets

  All the applicants are required to pass the entrance exam to be pre-cadet at AFAPS, and after graduating from AFAPS, they will  
  become Army cadets.  


Reinforcement of Cadets' Wisdom, Vision, and Experience

  Apart from studying, exercising, disciplining and training required by the curriculum, cadets are reinforced in various aspects to  
  assure that they will become officers who are well-versed in current affairs.  
  Each academic year, 8-10 scholarships are provided by the Royal Thai Army for the first year cadets with distinguished  
  qualification to study in foreign Military Institutes.  
  The cadet exchange program provides an opportunity for all senior cadets of CRMA to visit the Military Institutes of allied   
   The cadets' annual field trips are related to their fields of study.